Our learner-focus is the senior phase of school, i.e grades 7-9, although we have included grade 10 for now. Our aim is to gradually expand to other grades. We currently have learners from at least eight different schools as we support them in:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Vocational Guidance
  • Personal Growth
  • Godly Life Skills

We are helping learners develop holistically and connect them already at school level to their respective careers.  They learn to see themselves in the bigger picture of life and this creates a context for clarity of purpose and hence the release of potential.

Our programmes are divided into four levels with each level running over a six-month period in a calendar year. Learners who are selected to be part of the next level will be identified through our detailed monitoring system that evaluates all areas of their development.

To sign up for our support school called the Rising Generation, an application must be completed to start the process. Each level costs R4200 although the application forms provide an opportunity for parents/guardians to apply for the sponsored programme. Therefore, the basic criteria for learners to obtain entry into our school are:

  • Parents/guardians must commit to the 2/3 parent sessions per level
  • Learners must be committed to attending every session as follows:
  • Once to twice a week for a 1 to 2-hour session
  • Once a month for a 3-hour workshop
  • Once a term for job-shadowing or career discovery session
  • Leaders Advance (day-camp) once or twice over the six months period